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Anger, part 2. Is it wrong for my children/my students to get angry with me?

Did you read my last blogpost? It was about our (adult's) anger, with the title “Is it wrong to get angry with my children/my students?” Many people responded and I thank all of you who did. Some shared their own stories of their parents’ anger; others just thanked me for taking up the topic and…
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Is it wrong to get angry with my children/my students?

Short answer: getting angry with children or students may have the desired immediate effect of getting them to listen to you or stop a behavior. But the undesired effects of anger are so counterproductive that you will want to completely avoid anger as a parenting tool. My story with anger As the youngest of four…

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To watch me tell (most of the) the information in this blog, click here: Video version I have long been a fan of training children to do household work and take on responsibilities in the family. To feel good about themselves, children need to feel needed. And yet, so many parents overwork themselves doing things…