Teachers and Schools

My personal message to teachers

Teachers need different tools. Tools that

  • reduce the frequency and intensity of discipline problems.
  • raise students’ motivation.
  • work to prevent bullying.
  • improve the classroom’s atmostphere and team spirit.
  • develop a sense of responsibility for the class
  • increase students’ self regulation.
  • help children in need.

Teaching today has some tough challenges:

  • different levels in the classsoom.
  • different languages and cultures.
  • kids with special needs.
  • kids who insist on doing what they want and refuse to do what you have planned.

I know how this feels! I have struggled with every one of these issues in my classrooms.

In my over 30 years of experience I have made just about every mistake one can – what a great opportunity to learn how to do things better!
One of the most helpful things I learned is that Positive Discipline improves the quality of my professional life – and surely the quality of my students’ lives, too!


Positive Discipline helped me in so many ways!

For example, as I brought my passion to

  • ​teaching biology and chemistry to high schoolers.
  • introducing classroom meetings to Swiss elementary school kids.
  • supporting children with special needs.
  • leading a summer camp.
  • directing an international boarding school.

​The courses and training programs I can teach you or your school staff provide exactly what many teachers feel they’ve been missing. They often tell me that this approach reflects their own values and that the practical ideas they learn in the course help them to teach the way they’ve always wanted to in their hearts.

Courses and Workshops for Teachers and Schools

A rich palette of options

Here are some of the ways to start with Positive Discipline:

An overview of training possibilities:

  • What is Positive Discipline? – Introductory presentation (1.5  hours, free)
  • Introductory workshop (half day)
  • One-day training
  • Two-day training without certification from the Positive Discipline Association
  • Two-day training with certification from the Positive Discipline Association
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I can tailor the above options to the needs of the group – from an inspirational and informative talk, all the way to a full two-day training program which awards official certification from the Positive Discipline Association. Contact me so that we can explore the options together.

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