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Children are born with all social and human qualities. To develop them, they need nothing but the presence of adults who behave humanely and socially.
– Jesper Jul

About us.

Positive Discipline®

Positive Discipline helps children become confident, capable and happy adults. Positive Discipline is being practiced  in over 80 countries. Teachers and parents who learn Positive Discipline enthusiastically tell others that it improves their “work” with children and adolescents on many levels.

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As teacher in Switzerland and the USA. As Trainer for the Positive Discipline Association.

Money back guarantee

100% Satisfaction: We want you to walk away from our courses excited. If that is not the case, discuss it with me. We would rather pay back the full course fee than have dissatisfied course participants.


We offer our courses in English, German and French,  in different countries and online. Plus: there are Positive Discipline Trainers all around the globe, so if Connections can't get to you, we will put you in contact with someone who can.

"When we have a relationship, mutual respect and a common language, we can talk to each other about any fears, concerns or resistance."

― Jesper Juul (whose attitude is in line with Positive Discipline) 

KC Hill

My Passion

My passion is to alleviate the suffering of children, of parents and of teachers. Many adults suffer because they don’t reach children the way they want to. And the children suffer even more. As a teacher and father, I have been very fortunate to discover this wonderfully practical approach called Positive Discipline. And now I have the priviledge to experience children’s suffering being alleviated through my courses. What a gift!

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