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Children do not develop responsibility when parents and teachers are too strict and controlling, nor do they develop responsibility when parents and teachers are permissive.
-Jane Nelsen
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Positive Discipline®

Positive Discipline helps children become confident, capable and happy adults. Positive Discipline is being practiced  in over 80 countries. Teachers and parents who learn Positive Discipline enthusiastically tell others that it improves their "work" with children and adolescents on many levels.
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Our Courses

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Certification Courses for Teachers

Jan. 13, 20, 27 &

Feb. 10, 17, 24, 2024


Positive Discipline in the Classroom

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6 Sessions, Thursdays
Jan. 18, 25 & Feb. 8, 15, 22, 29, 2024


Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way

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Positive Discipline 1: for the well-being of the entire family!

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As teacher in Switzerland and the USA. As Trainer for the Positive Discipline Association.

Money back guarantee

100% Satisfaction: We want you to walk away from our courses excited. If that is not the case, discuss it with me. We would rather pay back the full course fee than have dissatisfied course participants.


We offer our courses in English, German and French, in different countries and online. Plus: there are Positive Discipline Trainers all around the globe, so if Connections can't get to you, we will put you in contact with someone who can.
"When we have a relationship, mutual respect and a common language, we can talk to each other about any fears, concerns or resistance."
― Jesper Juul (whose attitude is in line with Positive Discipline)

My Passion

My passion is to alleviate the suffering of children, of parents and of teachers. Many adults suffer because they don’t reach children the way they want to. And the children suffer even more. As a teacher and father, I have been very fortunate to discover this wonderfully practical approach called Positive Discipline. And now I have the priviledge to experience children’s suffering being alleviated through my courses. What a gift!

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Do you care to explore whether Connections – for relationships that matter has something to offer you? Do you have questions about what our courses are like? Or would you like to discuss a particular situation in your family or classroom?
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KC is a fantastic, responsive facilitator, I really enjoyed all the hands-on activities and role-play. They helped me internalize the learning.

A teacher

I found it enriching to be with other parents, and together to consider what kind of relationships I am creating with my children. The sharing with other parents gives you strength!

Denise (a mom)

Thank you, KC. Your guidance, calmness, humor and knowledge were wonderful in bringing Positive Discipline to our community.

A teacher

The Positive Discipline course was successful for me in many respects. So were:

  • the very capable, attentive and spontaneous couple who taught the course,
  • the many activities such as acting out typical family scenarios, through which I could
    really feel the effects on a child of what parents’ say, and
  • last but not least, the great interaction among us participants that developed out of the
    course’s good atmosphere.

Mom and teacher Sonia

Excellent information and resources. I’m excited to try using more tips and strategies in my class.

A teacher

We are all calmer and therefore much happier. We parents deal with things that come up with much more ease and humor, and as a result the children somehow are more considerate of us and our wishes.

The effects of our change in parenting are now clear. In spite of being in a stressful time (responsibilities in careers, professional training, Christmas approaching), things at home are running smoothly, harmoniously. Of course, there are exceptions but those don’t even really bother us anymore!


This workshop has come at the perfect time – I’ve felt this year I have tried to fix behaviors instead of understanding & now I have clear strategies and tools to help me do this better. KC, I loved your tranquil presence. You were extremely knowledgeable about the material and set the right tone for the workshop.

A Teacher

The course was great! The group quickly developed a feeling of trust. The result: an enjoyable and lively class atmosphere in which important family problems could be dealt with openly and successfully.

A Mom

This was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial workshops I have attended. I learned many new skills and strategies that I will use not only in my teaching but in my personal life.

A Teacher

I could just kiss you guys! The tip about “just saying no” has almost completely changed the dynamic between my six-year-old son and me. I think my husband is noticing too.

Julie Grateful