What we offer

Here's what we have to offer

All of the below, in person or online:

  • Free initial consultations
  • Free informational talks
  • 2-hour workshops
  • half-day workshops
  • 1-day courses (can be spread out over 3-4 shorter sessions)
  • 2-day coursesĀ (can be spread out over 6-8Ā shorter sessions)
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Who are our clients and what do we offer them?

  • parents, grandparents and caregiversĀ can attend courses and topic sessions, and receive coaching.
  • teachers andĀ day-care professionalsĀ can attend courses, including becoming certified by the Positive Discipline Association, and receive coaching.
  • couples can attend the ā€œKeeping the Joy in your Relationshipā€ workshop.


I am a certified trainer in theĀ Positive DisciplineĀ®ā€‹ approach, Kathleen is aĀ Positive DisciplineĀ certified Parent Educator.

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  • 3 languages: my courses and workshops are available in English, German and French. I love to travel, so contact me wherever you are!
The courses ā€œfor parentsā€ are useful for teachers, too, as well as for childcare givers, grandparents and others who have a lot to do with young people.