Topic Sessions

In a Topic Session we take on one challenging topic for two hours. Activities are coupled with information and discussion to make the learning active as well as memorable. If there’s time, we help one of the participants with a real situation they are struggling with.

Contact me to request a topic session.

Past topics include:

  • Setting limits
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Managing strong feelings – ours as well as our kids’
  • Conflicts around digital media
  • Self regulation
  • Children’s mistaken goals of behavior
  • Chores
  • Giving limited choices
  • Praise vs. encouragement

Cost: $36 / €34 / CHF35 per person
Group reductions: $/€/CHF 30 each when two or three,  25 when four or more people sign up together.

“I try to attend the Topic Sessions as often as i can. Every session is informative, and the discussions with KC and the other participants are valuable and helpful.”

– M. Burlon

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